Hi, I’m Ethan. I’m a Data Scientist living in Denver, CO.

In a past life, I was a high school AP Statistics and mathematics teacher, but now I work in anomaly detection.

This blog serves as an outlet to summarize and expand on everything I’ve learned on my journey into data science over the past three years. Having used R professionally since 2018, I decided to learn Python in 2020, so this blog is also a place for me to dive deep in Python.

This blog is a constant work in progress. Following Bloom’s taxonomy, I’ll be creating many small projects to solidify my understanding of the intricacies of each topic I review. Topics for near-future posts include: linear discriminant analysis, ridge and lasso regression, principal component regression, splines, isolation forests, and boosting techniques.

Formally, I hold a BS in Mathematics, a BS in Mathematics Education, and a minor in Philosophy. In addition to my formal degrees, I’ve taught myself the majority of my advanced statistics and machine learning knowledge using a variety of online resources and textbooks. My background in Education has proven useful for this. Following a Constructivist approach, I find it useful to first briefly introduce myself to a wide topic using a structured approach such as an online class. Then, go through the material again in depth using a textbook or notes, while creating many small projects along the way for each topic. This approach constructs rock-solid understanding, and forces me to think deeply about the nuances of each topic.

Aside from data science, I enjoy trail running in the Rocky Mountains, live music, and coffee - sometimes all in the same day.

Feel free to email me at ethanwicker@gmail.com, or via the link below.

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